Sending Messages

You can send a new message clicking on a service or using the context menu

The 'New Message' form has two pages:
new_1.jpg new_2.jpg
In the first page you will choose the recipient(s) of your message. You can add a recipient in two ways:
  • Clicking on the 'Contacts' button you can choose the recipient from the Windows Mobile Contacts
  • Typing a phone/email in the 'Custom' field and clicking on the 'Add' button you can add a custom recipient
The counter below the recipients list tells you how many contacts you have added / how many contacts you can add

In the second page you insert the message text. The counter below the text box tells you how many characters the message contains / how many characters the message can contains
Clicking on the 'Compress' button you can compress the text
new_cmp_1.jpg new_cmp_2.jpg

Clicking on the 'Send' button a new form will be shown and gTP will begin to contact the service

Image Code
Some services require the image code. In this cases the Send Form shows the image code and the user have to type it in the text box and click on the 'Continue' button

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