Manage Services

From this form you can add, configure or delete services. In the list you can view all the services installed. The services with the 'ok' icon are services that you have installed and configured. The services with the 'no' icon are services that you have installed but not configured.

Add Service


New Service

With this option you add a new service 'from scratch' (you choose the name and type the url of the service)
When you have choosed the service name and typed the service url you can tap over the 'Save' menu.
At this point gTP tells you that it will download service informations. When it has downloaded the data it will show you the service description in a message box. If you choose 'Yes' gTP will save the service, else it will discard the service.
services_new_2.jpg services_new_3.jpg services_new_4.jpg

Services Catalog

The Services Catalog is a new feature of gTP. At the moment it contains only some services. In the future, I hope, it will contains all the services. Each service has a name and is associated with several tags.
On the left side of the form there there are the tags. On the right side there are the services. On bottom there is a text filter box.
You can filter the list of services checking the tags and typing a filter text
services_ctl_2.jpg services_ctl_3.jpg services_ctl_4.jpg

When you have found a service that you want to install, you have to select it and click on the 'Choose' Menu. At this point gTP will show the same form that we have seen in the New Service paragraph, but it will be fullfilled (you can change the field values) and you will have only to click the 'Save' Menu to install the service.
services_ctl_5.jpg services_ctl_6.jpg

Service Configuration

To configure a service you have to click on it in the Services List or you can use the context menu of the service.
Note: From this context menu you can also delete a service clicking on the 'Delete' menu item

The Service Configuration form has two pages
services_cfg_1.jpg services_cfg_2.jpg
The first page shows some service informations, in the second page you have to enter the requested values of the service (bold fields are required). When you have done click on 'Save' menu to save the configuration.

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