Main Form

When you launch gTP, tha Splash Screen will be shown:
While this screen is open, the program initializes its own database (if it doesn't exists, the program creates it) and fetch the localization informations. When these operation are done, this screen will be closed and the Main Form will be shown:
On top of the form there is an header. This header is present in all forms of gTP. In the main form it contains only the gTP logo. In all other forms this header will contains also the form name. The question mark allows you to see an About Form:
about_dialog_1.jpg about_dialog_2.jpg

The table shows all the services installed in gTP.
On bottom there is the menu. From the "Services" menu item you can add, configure or delete the services. From the "Menu" menu item you can choose, through a popup menu, to open the Configuration Form or to exit from gTP.

When there are services in the table you can:
- tap on each service to send a message through it
- open a context menu (with a long tap) on a service to open the last message sent (if available) or the list of all messages stored (if available)

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