Install goText Palm

goText Palm requires .NET Compact Framework and SQL Compact Edition. The first time you try to install goText Palm you need to download also .NET CF (the file is and SQL CE (the file is
When you need to upgrade to an earlier version of gTP you don't need to remove and reinstall these two libraries but only The instructions below refers to the first installation procedure.

From the PC

  • Download (.NET Compact Framework 3.5 Runtime), (SQL Compact Edition Runtime) and (goText Palm)
  • Connect your handheld to your pc and access with the file manager to your device
  • Copy the files

From your device

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to 'My Documents'
wm_fe_1.jpg wm_fe_2.jpg wm_fe_3.jpg
  • Launch
net_in_1.jpg net_in_2.jpg
  • Press 'ok' to close the dialog window that notifies us that netcf was installed successfully. Now launch
sql_in_1.jpg sql_in_2.jpg
  • Press ok to close the dialog window that noifies us that sqlce was installed successfully. Now launch
gtp_in_1.jpg gtp_in_2.jpg
  • Delete the cabs
del_in_1.jpg del_in_2.jpg

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