The configuration form contains two pages:

General Page

In this page you can choose the gTP Language:
and you can choose if gTP have to add a default prefix in the case that a phone number that you add to a message doesn't contain it:

Saving Messages

This form is relative to the 'Saving Messages' and 'Saving Last Message' feature.
The first checkbox tells gTP to save the messages that you create:
The first checkbox enable/disable the 'Saving Messages' feature. If you enable it you have to decide if gTP can save automatically all messages or if you want that gTP asks you. The 'Saving Policy' field is used to decide WHEN gTP should save this messages: if you choose 'After a successfully sending' a message is saved only if you can send it, with 'Before sending' gTP will save all messages (even if you cannot send it).

The second checkbox enable/disable the 'Saving Last Message' feature. If you enable it gTP will 'remember' always the last message successfully sent.

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